Moosa Welfare Trust international

The Moosa Trust mission is to link individual NGOs and CBOs efforts by strengthening their capacity so that they can actively participate in community development, Policy analysis, environment and other social emerging issues and problems in and beyond Pakistan.

these are the following mission of Moosa Welfare Trust International.

i. Professional and Medical training

Provision of:

1)     Educational infrastructure, buildings, equipment, educational material

2)     Educational Research

3)     Basic education

4)     Pre-school education

5)     Secondary and higher education

6)     Professional and practical education

7)     Seminars, lectures e.t.c.

8)     Language training

9)     Education staff

10) Health education, information campaigns on public health matters

11) Education and training of the population

ii. Infrastructure and Housing

1)     Creation of infrastructure concerning land-planning development for all related activities

2)     Housing for the homeless, minority populations including refugees

3)     Building of roads and bridges which are proven to serve populations cut off from main road networks

iii. Voluntarism

Provision of aid to regions suffering from war or natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes, floods, fires

iv. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sector Projects

Creation of income for weaker and disadvantaged populations:

1)     Farm industry

2)     Industrial Development

3)     Energy production units

4)     Timber industry

5)     Chemical industry

6)     Pharmaceutical industry

7)     Fertilizer industry

8)     Farm vehicle and transport industry

9)     Facilities and projects of viable development

10) Agricultural services for improved utilisation of farm products

11) Cattle-breeding support

12) Protection of agricultural land

13) Forest development

14) Fisheries development

15) Agricultural land control and protection projects

v. Basic medical care through the creation of rehabilitation centres for disabled persons etc

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